The Navajo Fortress

Navajo Fortress was used as a refuge throughout the period of Spanish and American military actions against the Canyon people. On the east side, not visible from the overlook, is a trail leading to the top of the fortress from the canyon floor. At a number of places, log poles which still stand, were used to connect the lower levels with otherwise inaccessible sections directly above. As the Navajos climbed, the pole were pulled up behind them. Also, located at strategic spots, are small rock walls behind which retreating Navajos hid while hurling rocks on intruders attempting to follow. Similar structures are found on the top of the fortress. Under the shelter of night, Navajos would sometimes sneak down and escape from the area or gather food and water for their people waiting above. Since the Carson campaign, the fortress has not been required as a defensive stronghold by the Navajo people.


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